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Inspirational Video Queen

*Inspirational Video Queen* is a series of entertaining videos for beautiful women everywhere who want throughly practical advice and inspiring ideas for their BEST LIFE!

Vicky B

I Admit it. I am a RAMPANT INFORMANIAC. And I am obsessed with discovering strategies for a darn' good life. My (hopefully) 'jolly' USEFUL Information with self depreciating humour comes from my North England roots. All this is tempered with years of hedonistic 'single' living in Central London followed by a rather unfathomable change of scene which included a move to New Zealand. Getting married. And four kids. Picture this. Bridget Jones gets hitched, up the duff and moves down under.

Arrrrrrgggghhhhhh! Like most women, I was forced to overcome a few emotional crises and a flood of negative programming. It was my search for solutions that provided the basis for my passion and the *inspiration* of my book 'Back on Top'. 

Inspirational Video Queen | The Back On Top Book Launch

I am not a psychotherapist, psychiatrist, feminist, socialist or any other kind of 'ist'. I am not this chick coming down the mountain with tablets of stone. I am just the average woman on the street who worked out what I believe to be the correct answer to *self-esteem and happiness*.
Everyone has the right to be happy and everyone has the right to feel good about themselves. To do this you must work on your Character and you must build values based on principles. That is my basic message. And I passionate about getting it to every woman on earth.

Inspirational Video Queen - Vicky B

Inspirational Video Queen | Vicky B